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I welcome you to this adventure. My name is Philippe Caron, I might be amazing, I think I’m just normal. The story behind this websites goes a long way back, when I had an amazing email address. Namely: “amazingphilippe”. I never grew out of this address, not too silly, not too serious. Yes, I have brought this address to interviews, I kept it during my BFA, and I still use it. It made people laugh, and people remembered it. One Christmas, my family gave this web address to me: amazingphilippe.com, and this site was born.

Later that same year, I met a mentor during a short portfolio event. Being a designer, and being specially enthusiast about coding, mainly css, jQuery and html, I showed works that featured my best web pieces. This particular mentor looked at my things briefly and quickly said: you should start a dev blog. amazingphilippe.com as born, or at least, the seed was planted. This site does not start as a dev blog exactly, although I will talk about my code, and show you my experiments, I will speak in terms of design, and provide a very abstract explanation of my process. We will see how thing will evolve, but I envision amazingphilippe.com as a place to put together my ideas, and share it with the world. In an era where personal site barely matter anymore, I hope to bring some quality content in a beautiful platform. You are all welcome to comment, troll, share, and (dis)like my work. The idea here is to have fun.

That’s it, and keep coding.