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Car Interface

A Car Interface
I see a lot of different problems with car interfaces in general. I see dual screens, touch screens, control knobs, volume buttons, volume sliders. Diversity is not a problem in such, but car interfaces often end up being disappointing.

I would recommend three points:

  1. No complex interactions, no complex gestures. In a moving car, pinch-to-zoom, sliders, double taps can be difficult on nice roads, impossible on bumpy roads.
  2. Putting multiple sections in one screen, a benefit of larger screens, can help interfaces include different sections for different information. More screen real-estate translates to less clutter. Multiple sections lets the driver have multiple screens at disposition, at a glance, without the need for interface navigation.
  3. When interactions are too complex (temperature control, fan control, heated seats, volume, etc.) put them outside of the screen on physical buttons. Then, on the screen, you can show extra information.


An Onboarding.
A quick onboarding process that explains what the app is about. In this scenario, the three slides introduce a companion app for a music festival. The idea is to let festival goers that they will be able to see what artists will be present, where and when the shows will take place.

A special thanks to Francisco MorenoMichael Aleo, Paweł Bukowski and Anton Mislawsky on Unsplash for the cool photos!