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An Onboarding.
A quick onboarding process that explains what the app is about. In this scenario, the three slides introduce a companion app for a music festival. The idea is to let festival goers that they will be able to see what artists will be present, where and when the shows will take place.

A special thanks to Francisco MorenoMichael Aleo, Paweł Bukowski and Anton Mislawsky on Unsplash for the cool photos!


A Landing Page (above the fold)
Hint: What’s the main focus? Is it for a book, an album, a mobile app, a product? Consider important landing page elements (call-to-actions, clarity, etc.)

Savate is an awesome open-source typeface by collective we.ch. You can download it on velvetyne.fr (an awesome open-source type foundry). The font takes inspiration from French savate, a boxing-like sport. You get an energetic font that seems just a slap away from being knocked-out. This contradiction is what I’m trying to evoke in Savate’s landing page. I wish I had more time to exploit the concept, but hey, it’s a daily challenge and I have spent way too much time on this! I’m out.