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An Onboarding.
A quick onboarding process that explains what the app is about. In this scenario, the three slides introduce a companion app for a music festival. The idea is to let festival goers that they will be able to see what artists will be present, where and when the shows will take place.

A special thanks to Francisco MorenoMichael Aleo, Paweł Bukowski and Anton Mislawsky on Unsplash for the cool photos!

Home Monitoring Dashboard

A Home Monitoring Dashboard
Home monitoring can mean different things. In this scenario, it means monitoring different consumption habits related to the home. This includes water usage, electricity usage, temperature control, light control, etc. Combined to this dashboard is the idea that you could be controlling your home more ecologically and efficiently with the help of statistics. You see that your house is too warm, and that your electricity consumption is too high? Try adjusting your thermostat. The app also offer some tailored eco tips to help.