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Branding Exercise.
Part 2

In this part of my branding exercise, I decided to go with an easier interaction. The user cannot always understand the interactions you build for them. You either have to explain it to them (boring) or you can also make the interaction unavoidable (fun). When the interaction becomes an element of surprise, it can become very engaging for the user. He will try and see if other interactions are possible. It becomes a game.
The interaction I made can be found at this demo. It basically works as a simple particle system that shoots dashes at random positions in four random directions, in linear velocity (no acceleration). As a twist, I use the same “iconic” angle as in my
Branding Exercise Part 1.

In this case, its quite a simple interaction. I did add some probability variations; when the mouse is moved, you see an increased number of dashes being generated, this will tell the user that something is happening.
That’s it, and keep coding.