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In this quick experiment, I will test you patience. Everyday, I both enjoy and despise things that are out of place. I despise things that are intentionally counter productive, while I enjoy misplacing and disorganizing groups of things so that they look off by one small detail. Above all, I enjoy doing this repeatedly, to a point where it can get annoying. This website is my gift to you, to help you get annoyed anytime, anywhere, for absolutely no reason. You can even share it with a close friend of yours! You’re welcome.

In order to make this experiment, I used my screen size detector used in my color modulation web page, and applied it both vertically and horizontally in order to optimize an array of buttons that will fit any screens. The number of buttons will vary depending on your screen size or window size.

From now on, I don’t really know how the experiment works, but I wanted it to follow this logic: Button clicked, check every buttons data-color attribute, if all are the same, make a random button switch to another color.

I gave up trying to make it work the way I wanted, and now I wanted this web page to get out. Thats it, deal with it and keep coding.