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Here is a quick experiment for you. In this short web piece, I take advantage of the scrolling capabilities of the browser in order to engage the participation of the visitor. Indeed a colorful experiment, the visitor of this website is confronted with the obnoxious task of scrolling, not once, but in a repetitive manner. Is there anything hidden in one of those stripes? What combination of color will be the most beautiful? the most ugly? What is the purpose of scrolling so endlessly and hopelessly, what is the meaning of life?

Apart from these existential questions, the website is technically simple, I mean, radically simple. At first, the stripe sizes are calculated based on the window width. The stripe is invariable, but the number of stripes varies in relation to the window size. I am using a simple division, combined with a modulo, to ensure that all most of the stripes are all equal. In most cases, the last stripe will be slightly larger. The stripe has a height equal to the window height, but it contains some magic; over 9000 pixels of pure gradient, which lets the visitor modulate his stripe design.

Have some fun, and keep coding.